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Its core products empower users to draft, proofread, compare, clean and distribute high-quality content, quickly and securely, from any device. The Director now holds 5,000 shares. Story provided by HGT also has access to an £80.million bank facility which was fully drawn as at 30 June 2020.Outstanding commitments as at 30 June 2020,Outstanding commitments as at 30 June 2019,Net outstanding commitments unfunded by liquid resources.Excluding any co-investment participations made through HGT LP.Partnership interest acquired during 2011..HGT 7 LP - Provision for carried interest,HGT Saturn LP - Provision for carried interest,HgCapital Mercury D LP - Provision for carried interest,HGT 6 LP - Provision for carried interest,HgCapital 6 E LP - Provision for carried interest,Total investments net of carried interest provision,Portfolio diversification and performance,7%  Capital Markets & Wealth Management IT,Analysis by value of investment return relative to its original cost,Representing aggregate realised proceeds and unrealised valuations of an investment.Over the course of the period, Hg invested a total of £1.4 billion on behalf of its clients, with HGT's share being £169 million.The vast majority of our investments are generated by establishing and developing relationships with companies over the longer term and typically pursuing opportunities where we have a strong relationship with a founder or management team.

This prediction might just happen to turn out true. Such data is critical to support risk-management processes around legislation, health and safety, financial quality and trade regulation, as well as ensuring diversification of the supply chain and so protecting buyers against the high cost of failure. Lastly, there are several potential strategic buyers. For further information on.the top 20 portfolio trading performance and valuation and net debt analysis, please refer to Hg's review below or on pages 40-41 of the Interim Report and Accounts.Balance sheet analysis as at 30 June 2020:HGT has a fully drawn bank facility of £80 million.These commitments will be drawn down over the next four to five years (2020-2025) and are likely to be financed partly by cash from future realisations.HGT can opt out of a new investment without penalty, should it not have the cash available to invest.Based on the 30 June 2020 NAV (including all transactions announced since 30 June 2020), HGT's liquid resources available for future deployment are.estimated to be £314 million and HGT's outstanding commitments to invest in Hg transactions are reduced to approximately £814 million.An active pipeline of investment opportunities led to new and follow-on investments, while returning cash to HGT through both realisations and refinancing.Investment and realisation activity over the period:significant portfolio activity post 30 June 2020, further information on all investments and realisations are provided below or on pages 44-.Both HGT's share price and net asset value per share have continued to outperform the FTSE All-Share Index.NAV per share performance relative to the FTSE All-Share Index,Share price performance relative to the FTSE All-Share Index,below or page 77 of the Interim Report and Accounts for further detail.Based on HGT's share price at 30 June 2020 and allowing for all historic dividends being reinvested,an investment of £1,000 made 20 years ago would now be worth £13,262, a total return of 1,226%.. An equivalent investment in the FTSE All-Share Index would be worth £2,242.Long-term performance - 10-year share price total return: +14.4% p.a.

The company's share...HgCapital, the manager of HgCapital Trust, has announced a majority investment in Citation, one of the UK's leading providers of Health & Safety, HR, Employment Law and ISO services to SMEs....HgCapital, the manager of HgCapital Trust plc, has announced a majority investment in Kinapse, a leading global provider of advisory, capability building and operational services to the life...HgCapital, the manager of HgCapital Trust, has announced a majority investment in Sovos Compliance , a leading global provider of regulatory tax compliance software. TransIP is a leading Dutch hosting and virtual private server ('VPS') provider which we had been tracking for several years, before our investment in Combell. Where does he have his sources? Although public market valuations were unusually volatile in the first half of the year, these have now recovered. !

Story provided by...HgCapital has agreed the sale of Casa Reha, a leading private German provider of elderly care services, specialising in high quality assisted living, to Euronext-listed Korian, a leading European...HgCapital, the manager of HgCapital Trust, has sold a minority interest in JLA to a group of institutional investors. Healthcare IT is a core sector for Hg, with an investment focus on healthcare operations, core systems, life sciences digitisation, interoperability and population health. The investment, subject to regulatory...UK stocks extended their losses during the afternoon, as the strong pound hit overseas earners while the domestic orientated names were more resilient. HGT may also offer to acquire a limited partnership interest in any of Hg's funds, in the event that an institutional investor wishes to realise its partnership interest.The Board regularly monitors progress in all the businesses in which it is invested, and their valuation; the development of the Manager's investment strategy; the resources and sustainability of the business model.As HGT is constituted as an investment trust and its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, it can take advantage of tax benefits available to investment trusts. Return and net asset value per Ordinary share.Weighted average number of ordinary shares (000):Weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue,Net asset value per ordinary share (pence)*,12. What an awesome takedown of Beard he had the other week. The company is headquartered in Hildesheim, Germany, employing around 470 people.

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